Elite Surf Strong Academy


our most frequent questions

What equipment will i need?

You do not need any equipment to start. As you progress some movements within the trainings will utilize light equipment like exercise ball or exercise bands. Some movements start to use kettlebells, suspension trainer / olympic rings, and/or dumbbells. There are modifications and alternatives within exercises to use bodyweight.

I am a big proponent of keeping training simple and focusing on consistency. Small investments in equipment will help you progress as you go forward.

We'll help you prioritize what equipment is best to reach your goals. 

I am having some shoulder pain, how will these programs help?

Shoulder pains! Those jerks. Not to many surfers that don't suffer from some level of discomfort or pain somewhere along their surfing career. 

The goodness is our programs have a strong focus on consistent work to improve  alignment, mobility, stability, movement preparation and post activity recovery. This will fundamentally improve your shoulder function and joint health going forward.

How do the programs work? What type of training is it? 

We teach you the Surf Strong Circle of Fit System which is the basis of our programs. This detailed yet simple system, once understood, will be applied to and positively impact all your movement.

This systemic improvement of your movement will fundamentally and profoundly improve your surfing performance. 


Congrats on taking up surfing! You will start to plan your life around it. You've been warned 🤣

Yes, absolutely, our programs will help you as you progress in your surfing. Building a solid movement and fitness foundation will pay huge dividends as you improve your surfing skills and performance.

Our approach is to teach you how to approach and improve your overall movement and then apply that fundamentally to your surfing. Our Surf Strong Circle of Fit System will show step by step how to do that.

i don't like being in gyms! Can I still benefit from this program?

Yes. I don't like training in gyms either. I knew I'd like you. 👍

No gym necessary. All of our programs are designed to use mostly bodyweight. You can add small tools like exercise bands, or balls etc. but they aren't necessary. 

I prefer my own workouts on the beach as an added bonus.

Andrew Walsh

At 52 I feel better than I ever have

The extra energy and strength I've gained has elevated my surfing performance and endurance. At 52 I feel better than I ever have

Patti Orozco-Cronin

I see the results every time I surf now!

I always felt ‘present’ in the water before, but since starting Greg’s program, I feel more self-aware, more grounded and better able to read the landscape in the water. My sense of anticipation and focus are improved. This newfound sense of awareness extends into better wave selection, board control and better surfing performance overall. Greg also knows how to tailor his teaching methods to address my specific issues. I have found this program to be unique and I can see the results every time I have a surf session now!

Matt Bivens -

Just Do the Challenge! You'll Thank Yourself

If you want to paddle stronger, turn harder, and just feel overall better, do the challenge. Greg is awesome and puts an amazing program together. The app is intuitive and keeps you on track. You’ll thank yourself after the first week. Just DO IT!

Brent Cole

I paddle stronger, recover quicker and catch more waves

As a 54 year old man I am determined to remain super active and am always looking for ways to improve my surf strength, endurance and mobility.

The 30 Day Surf Challenge was a challenge but I saw improvements weekly and was able to identify areas that need work or lack flexibility. The program is individual and personal for improving your progress and Greg helps you move positively towards your goals.

A few months in and I paddle stronger, recover quicker on the paddle out and catch more selected waves. I appreciate Greg’s feedback and encouragement. Fall short one day? Take note and start over.

The mobile app is great to track progress and increase personal accountability. A great tool to make it YOUR program. Happy to be a part of this program.