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In this episode of The Surf Strong Show we talk with Dr. Tim Brown. Dr. Brown currently serves as the Co-Medical Director for the World Surf League, a Performance Expert for both the US Olympic Surf Team and RedBull High Performance athletes. As well as working with Ripcurl and NEUX to create cutting edge technologies.

Dr. Brown and I discuss:

  • What surfing has meant to him and his career
  • Working with Gerry Lopez in the 80's and hanging with him at the Pipehouse
  • What Tim is doing with John John Florence to reduce his recurring knee injury issues
  • His 5 Progressive Pillars of Fitness and everyone can use it to improve their health and surfing
  • How history is the best indicator of the future and how to use that info to change the course
  • How one's ankle, hip, t-spine health and mobility is a huge indicator for predicting injury
  • What Dr. Brown learned working with Mick Fanning when he last blew out his knee

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