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In this episode of The Surf Strong Show we talk with Michael Rintala. He is a chiropractor based out of San Diego, California and an expert in DNS or Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization.

Michael explains how DNS concepts can feel difficult to connect to in the beginning and then takes us through some practical applications to start with. Our hope and focus is to plant a DNS seed, if you will, so you continue to pursue the concepts and give your practice time to develop.

DNS is really powerful and a great way to compliment any other work that you're doing on your own or with other health and fitness professionals. It helps assess and is a wonderful check in tool.

Michael takes us through a great three-step breath check in tool to identify how well you are, or are not, connecting to your diaphragm. The protocol gives tactical and real time feedback on whether your diaphragm is descending correctly and if your rib cage is expanding effectively through respiration.

We discuss the critical intersection between breathing and stability, define what compensatory patterns are and why you need to know what the functional gap is if you want to perform to your fullest potential.

In This Episode:

  • 13:45 - Michael's process with a new patient
  • 17:45 - Best way to identify your diaphragm and how it connects your breathing and stability
  • 27:00 - How compensatory breathing defaults and living in pain correlate 
  • 32:20 - If you learn to regulate your diaphragm effectively stabilization will follow
  • 3 Stage Breath Assessment & Daily Practice Protocol
    • 33:15 - Stage 1
    • 36:20 - Stage 2
    • 37:19 - Stage 3
  • 38:03 - 3 Stage Breath Assessment Synopsis
  • 39:02 - How living in compensatory breathing patterns overload shoulder, low back, and neck
  • 39:52 - How to find your extra gear in surf performance
  • 44:58 - How DNS drastically improves injury recovery time when used as a pre-hab and preventative program
  • 48:00 - Michael's work on the WSL
  • 52:00 - Where Michael would like to see DNS go in the future
  • 55:03 - Stay consistent with DNS and you will see amazing improvement
  • 57:45 - Simple movement, done consistently, very well is the path to success
  • 58:40 - With DNS you are training the central nervous system
  • 101:35 - What is Sympathetic and Parasympathetic training for athletes
  • 103:00 - Michael's most gifted books

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