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This week's conversation is with Mike Clancy author of the book surf trip a coming of age story in the Golden Era of Surfing

Most of his career was spent at the US Navy's Fleet numerical meteorology and oceanography Center in Monterey where he worked for 28 years and retired in 2011 as the Director.

Mike is also in front of the camera in the upcoming feature film a long road to Tao. Inspired by the book Tao of Surfing: Finding Depth at a Low Tide.

We talk about these, surf forecasting, and how he stays in the ocean in his 8th decade.

“We rode the biggest waves of our life and it was fantastic" - Mike Clancy on his 2017 trip to El Salvador when he was in his late 60's

In This Episode:

  • 4:00 Santa Cruz surfing 
  • 7:15 East Coast surf history
  • 15:00 Start of Mike's Oceanography career
  • 15:00 Move to Monterey and starts at Fleet Numerical and Oceanography Center 
  • 21:00 Working with Sean Collins during the early days of Surfline
  • 29:00 How tech has changed over his 28 year career in Oceanography
  • 40:45 His Surf Fit routine
  • 55:45 Acting in The Long Road to Tao movie
  • 1:05:00 Monterey County Citizens Client Lobby

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