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This week's conversation is with Peter Park, owner of Platinum Fitness in Santa Barbara, California and an elite trainer for over 2 decades.

Peter has trained the best of the best — Lance Armstrong, pro surfers Kelly Slater, Lakey Peterson, and Major League Baseball stars  Giancarlo Stanton and Justin Verlander to name just a few.

His personal ultra endurance achievements  include 3 time winner of the “World’s Toughest Triathlon”, current record holder for the Catalina 50 Mile Ultra Marathon, and numerous Hawaii Ironman Triathlons.

We discuss his work ethic, how it  helped make him successful and why it’s also what makes a balanced life difficult. 

  • How working with Lance Armstrong was like a PHD in aerobic endurance training. 
  • Peter lays out a plan to get you ready to get everything out of your next surf trip.
  • Here’s our conversation with Peter Park

“I don’t care how busy I am. I will always carve out some time to workout. Even if it has to be 11 at night. I don’t think anyone likes to workout more than me” - Peter Park

 In This Episode:

  • 3:00 The 2 moments that stand out in his competing career
  • 7:30 Struggling between competing and personal life
  • 10:00 What came together to help make him a great trainer 
  • 13:45 Working with Lance Armstrong
  • 20:00 Peter’s average week of training
  • 23:45 Going the longevity route versus the performance route
  • 29:45 Peter’s 2 most important mentors
  • 35:15 Importance of the deadlift form
  • 41:30 Rucking
  • 46:30 He explains “Go slow to go fast”
  • 56:20 Peter’s Surf Program
  • 1:01:12 Foundation Training
  • 1:11 Goal is to live right outside your comfort zone

Links to what we discussed in the episode

 Find Peter on Instagram and the Platinum Fitness Website

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