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We welcome Taylor Knox back to the Surf Strong Show. Today he is joined by Matt Griggs. Together they run Nature of Success retreats in different locales throughout the year.

On this episode we discuss Nature of Success, Kelee Meditation, personal performance, and the joy of building programs with friends that help others succeed. READ MORE

We were lucky enough to get Taylor Knox on the show. In this episode we chat about his 16 seasons on the Pro Tour, winning the inaugural K2 big wave challenge, his knee injuries, a significant back injury he had when he was 15, and how he works through those things at that age.

Continuing now into his fifty's what he does every day to keep himself surf ready and performing at a high level. It was really great to hear... READ MORE

Born and raised on the North Shore of O'ahu Jamie Sterling has been charging big waves since his teen years, is the 2011 WSL Big Wave Tour Champion, and now own and operates Jamie Sterling Surf Experiences.

We chat about his time as a Professional Surfer, what he did... READ MORE

Episode 015 - corky carroll

Really excited to have Surf Legend, Artist, and Musician Corky Carroll on the Surf Strong Show.

The greatest competitor of California’s Golden Age and surfing’s first real pro was five-time US Surfing Champion Corky Carroll... READ MORE

Episode 014 - Steve Gwenin

Steve Gwenin will be joining us on this episode of the Surf Strong Show.

Steve is an Executive Surf Life Coach and founder of Surfer's Life Club. Through his signature Work Less Surf More program he coaches senior managers and executives to re-shape their life, surfing more and living the life they envision.

Episode 013 - Mike Latronic

Today we welcome Mike Latronic to the Surf Strong Show. Former professional surfer and team coach for Hurley and veteran big wave rider. Since 2002 he has published FreeSurf Magazine and ...READ MORE

Episode 012 - Surf strong express

This is the first of our Surf Express Episodes of the Surf Strong Show where we will talk about what's on our mind, answer listener questions, and any other $h1t we feel like discussing.

Episode 011 - Pepa Ivanoff

This episode we welcome Pepa Ivanoff to The Surf Strong Show here’s a description of who she is and what she does in her own words

“My name is Pepa, and I am an Australian READ MORE

Episode 010 - Surf Strong fit coach adventure

This episode is from a live stream where I talked about my path and journey as a coach and trainer. How injuries and early athletic experiences influenced me and steered me toward coaching. How the opportunity to connect with our surf community, give back, and coach surfers to stay strong and stoked in the water till their last breath is an absolute joy.

This Surf Strong Show is a fun extension of that mission. I'm having a blast with these in depth conversations with true experts in the surf community, who have so much to provide, and are just giving back so much.

This is a first of a series of live podcast events that I attend to do. Each will have a focused topic with an intention to keep them as quick takes around 30 minutes and hopefully full of actionable steps to real problems and issues we face as surfers.

We will often answer listener questions that you can submit before. Since it will be recorded as a live stream you can submit comments from our Facebook and we may get to them right in that stream.

Episode 009 - Dr. Angie Mueller

On this weeks episode of The Surf Strong Show we welcome Dr. Angie Mueller to the show. She is a Dr. of Physical Therapy with a practice on the island of Kauai in Hawaii and READ MORE

Episode 008 - Julie Cox 


On this weeks episode of The Surf Strong Show we welcome Julie Cox to the show. She is the co-founder and owner of The Traveler Surf Club with 4 READ MORE

Episode 007 - Dr. Tim Brown

co-medical director of the world surf league

On this episode of The Surf Strong Show I am very excited to interview Dr. Tim Brown. He is one of the foremost experts and leading innovators in the world of sports medicine, going into his 50th year of working with some of the world’s most recognizable athletes.

Dr. Brown currently serves as the Co-Medical Director for the READ MORE

Episode 006 - Ask me anything

This episode is an ask me anything show where I answer questions submitted from listeners like you.

Some of the topics I cover are:

  1. How to start improving a shoulder that is showing weakness and discomfort and starting to negatively affect their surfing.
  2. What my personal Surf Fit Program looks like
  3. What approach I take with my personal nutrition plan and those of my clients

Episode 005 Teddy Navarro

pro surfer | comm outreach director mauli ola foundation

In this episode of The Surf Strong Show we talk with Teddy Navarro. He is a former Pro Surfer and current Community Outreach Director for the Mauli Ola Foundation.

Teddy and I discuss:

  • The amazing and crazy lineup at the Huntington Beach Pier
  • His work helping children with READ MORE

Episode 004 Michael Rintala

dynamic muscular stabilization expert

In this episode of The Surf Strong Show we talk with Michael Rintala. He is a chiropractor based out of San Diego, California and an expert in DNS or Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization.

Michael explains how DNS concepts can feel difficult to connect to in the beginning and then takes us through some practical applications to...READ MORE

Episode 003 mike clancy

oceanographer, author, actor

This week's conversation is with Mike Clancy author of the book Surf Trip: A Coming of Age Story in The Golden Era of Surfing.

Most of his career was spent at the US Navy's Fleet numerical meteorology and oceanography Center in Monterey where he worked for...READ MORE

Peter Park

elite trainer & endurance athlete

This week's conversation is with Peter Park, owner of Platinum Fitness in Santa Barbara, California and an elite trainer for over 2 decades. Peter has trained the best of the best — Lance Armstrong, pro surfers Kelly Slater, Lakey Peterson, and Major League Baseball stars Giancarlo Stanton and Justin Verlander to name just a few.

His personal ultra endurance achievements include 3 time winner of the “World’s Toughest Triathlon”, current record holder for the...READ MORE

Dr. Mark Kozuki

physical therapist to professional athletes

On the first episode of the Surf Strong Show I talk with Dr. Mark Kozuki Physical Therapist for World Surf League, MLB, PGA, and Olympic athletes and owner at Elite Performance Physical Therapy in Costa Mesa California.

He also helps mere...READ MORE