Hip Mobility Flow

There are so many different types and combinations of movements required for surfing! You need to be a strong paddler with stamina for long paddles, be quick on your feet, able to compress, able to rotate your torso, and fluid in the movement of your hips. Today we are going to start tackling hip mobility.

The Hip Mobility Flow is great before or after a session and anytime (That's all the time by the way) you need to improve hip mobility. 

Tight hips will:

  • Decrease knee range of motion
  • Increase thoracic (mid) spine load
  • Increase lumbar (low back) spine load 

All of that increased load on the spine can over time increase your risk of injury and severly lower your performance improvements.

If your hips are stiff, your body is going to force movement into the lumbar spine or in the knees and start putting torque and force on that structure. What follows is usually pain or injury.

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