Daily Meditation Practice

By Greg Finch

If you don't have meditation in most (all 🤙 )of your days begin (again ;), today, right now.

It Will Change Your Life!

Many of you may have similar past experience with meditation as me. You have tried once, twice, 20+ times to commit to a daily meditation practice and never could stick to it.

About 3 months ago I started and have not missed a day since. So what changed? I can't honestly say but it felt different from day 1. As if I finally relaxed and adopted it as a part of my life. Instead as a tactic or hack to improve my life.

There are amazing meditation resources (like the 2 at the bottom of this post) from sources far more experienced than I so I'm not going to rehash tactics or approaches here. What I do want to do is convey the 3 specifics that made this meditation start different for me.

  1.  Approach it with a simple generous attitude. Give yourself the rest of your days to improve. 
  2.  Create a mantra for yourself that you feel connected to and will help you focus tremendously. Something that sounds comforting to your mind on repeat.
  3.  The absence of thoughts, the jumping around, quieting that damn monkey brain is NOT the goal. Noticing it happening is. That acknowledgment will lead to deeper understanding, deeper meaning, and a vastly improved meditation practice.

Many years from now when you look back on today it will be a profound moment of change for you. You will credit the daily meditation practice as a huge factor in your well being, quality of life and success.

You had no idea today was going to be so exciting!

"Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans." - John Lennon

Go make your life happen! One breath at a time

Here are some meditation resources to get you started

Tara Brach 10 minute Smile Meditation

20 minute Awareness Meditation

My stamina and paddling are really improved and that allows me to surf longer and stronger


I've noticed a big difference in really two main things. One is my pre-surf warm up gets my body loose and ready to surf. I feel like I'm not step-tripping over to myself as much. Doing those dumb falls that just waste a bunch of waves.

Second my stamina and paddling are really improved and that allows me to surf longer and stronger.

Josh Beckett - Winemaker

My Surfing Has Improved On So Many Levels


My surfing has improved on so many different levels working with Greg. I have developed much more confidence in the water. I feel more comfortable & strong out there. I can paddle longer, pop-up faster, and turn with more power.

Heather Miller - Acupuncturist for WSL

Those aches & pains after a sesh aren't there anymore


It really gave me direction of what to do to get my body feeling better. Some of those aches and pains I would get after a sesh aren't there anymore. I could see my body becoming much more reliable for me because of the exercises and techniques that were taught.

The personal service was awesome! Greg was very knowledgeable and easy to reach whenever. If I ever had a question he was there to help quickly.

Scott Williams

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