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Belly Button to Butt

Great for opening the shoulder joints and lengthening the pectoralis major and minor. The piece of webbing I'm using is easily mobile when you travel. I also use a length of PVC at home.

As you watch someone going through the Static Back routine it may look like they are just laying there. That they are totally passive.

Actually the truth is that static back is an incredibly active maneuver. It is a symmetrical stimulus that is engaging all the muscles of the musculoskeletal system in a process of redistribution. But while active on the musculoskeletal level the demand on one's physical output is minimal.

This allows us to focus the mind on our breath, symmetry and presence all while using gravity to our advantage when we are off balance.

Here are simple to follow steps to integrate Static Back into and throughout your day:

1. Frequency 

EVERYDAY - Morning and evening
3-5+ round trips each session

2. Prioritize Breath, Shoulder position, and Progression

- Deep nasal inhale and exhale
- Do not shrug your shoulders
- Don't rush through the rep get familiar where and when you are tight

3. Hand Position Through Range of Motion

Palms start facing your thighs. As you get to the top of the rom concentrate on keeping your palms facing forward all the way to the bottom of the rom and back again to the top of rom. This should  be challenging. As you progress and the challenge eases start with your hands closer together.

4. Be Present

This runs through each of the first 3
Each breath, every action you take can bring you to the present

Couple this with Static Back for a quick postural reset

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