Apple Watch One Month In

By Greg Finch

A few weeks ago I decided to get a fitness tracker (Resisted up to now. Didn't want another thing beeping at me).

Thought I would give you my thoughts having used my Apple Watch everyday for the last month.

What I like: 

  • The useable fitness/health data is astounding. As a coach and trainer this info is extremely powerful and I will definitely be encouraging clients and Surf Strong Tribe members to find the right tool for them
  • Not surprising that Apple has made the integration with my Macbook Pro and iPhone seamless with the Apple watch
  • Dawn Patrol App
    • This surf tracking app has done a great job so far tracking the fitness and wave specific data in a surf session
    • Visually seeing your session is powerful
    • It even reminds to stop your session if you forget
  • I have been very deliberate on what I do and don't get notified on the watch and these have been a pleasant surprise
    • Reminders that have GPS triggers so when I get home I'm reminded to do A,B, and C. When I get to Trader Joe's my my grocery list pops up
    • I set only texts from my wife, daughter, and a few close friends to come to the watch and quick responses is really efficient 
    • Controlling music playing on my iphone has been really handy
      • Skip
      • Volume
      • Pause
  • Deep breathing reminders
    • Amazed after reminding clients for years to focus on deep nasal diaphragmatic breathes how often I forget myself
    • These reminders up my breathe work daily

What I don't like: 

  • I have taken the watch off at night as I am not used to wearing a watch and the slight annoyance during sleep time meant it had to go
  • Not being able to collect the sleep data has been a negative
  • I'll probably search for as comfortable a watch band as I can or just get used to wearing the one I have which is actually pretty comfortable

Main Takeaway 

As in most tech, configuring the Apple Watch to very specific settings is crucial to minimize distractions and interruptions.

I still want to benefit from the right data collection but I don't want it to come at the cost of productivity or more importantly be present with family and friends

My stamina and paddling are really improved and that allows me to surf longer and stronger


I've noticed a big difference in really two main things. One is my pre-surf warm up gets my body loose and ready to surf. I feel like I'm not step-tripping over to myself as much. Doing those dumb falls that just waste a bunch of waves.

Second my stamina and paddling are really improved and that allows me to surf longer and stronger.

Josh Beckett - Winemaker

My Surfing Has Improved On So Many Levels


My surfing has improved on so many different levels working with Greg. I have developed much more confidence in the water. I feel more comfortable & strong out there. I can paddle longer, pop-up faster, and turn with more power.

Heather Miller - Acupuncturist for WSL

Those aches & pains after a sesh aren't there anymore


It really gave me direction of what to do to get my body feeling better. Some of those aches and pains I would get after a sesh aren't there anymore. I could see my body becoming much more reliable for me because of the exercises and techniques that were taught.

The personal service was awesome! Greg was very knowledgeable and easy to reach whenever. If I ever had a question he was there to help quickly.

Scott Williams

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