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Here’s what people are saying about Surf Strong Fitness

Shane Stoneman

Shaper & Former Pro Surfer

I Surf Now Like I'm Ten Years Younger

I’ve noticed this huge increase in my core strength, my body consciousness and I just feel better. I can just catch everything and all the little aches and pains that I started noticing creep in in my late thirties and early forties have vanished.

Rob Appell

Artist and Quilter

Really helped me find balance and focus

I am 47 years young and this program has really helped me find balance and focus in my physical alignment, mobility, nutrition and breath. After just four weeks I am seeing a solid improvement both on land and especially in the water. 

Joe Ferraro

It really pushed me to a higher level

The Surf Strong Challenge really helped me stay accountable. I've  struggled with that in the past.  The exercise really did make me push myself. Getting back in the water after the long flat summer my wave count has increased. I could see my wave count to continue to increase which really is the ultimate goal.

Surf At Your Peak Performance

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Body Alignment

Quick and effective protocols to immediately improve body alignment. This is powerful and fundamental for what comes next. Without it you will be fight your own progress and performance.


Breath Focus and Endurance

Breath! It drives EVERYTHING literally (Focus, recovery, metabolism, power, I could go on and on). Our programs provides tools and shows you how to improve breath endurance all day everyday both in and out of the water.



Exercises and approaches to really improve healthy range of motion without pain or restriction. Critical for your performance and flow in the water and absolutely necessary for recovery out of the water.



The building of a strong foundation in which to move from, redirect, and center your movement allows for the continuous development of power and the skills to apply that power within your surfing.



Programs designed to increase strength yes, but more importantly combine 1. Alignment 2. Breath 3. Mobility 4. Stability and 5. Strength . Essentially the resources of YOU to generate power, endurance, and recovery all towards the goal of huge Surf Performance gains.



Fast / Slow Program introduction - Intermittent Fasting and Slow Carb Approach to nutrition.


Accountability Through Community

 Introduce our approach of our "Surf Tribe" to drive community and connection to keep the Tribe on track to "Staying Strong and Stoked in the water till their last beat"


Live 1-1 Training Check In

Live Training With A Surf Training Expert

Start the 10 Day Surf Fit Blueprint and receive a live 1-1 Video Training Check In 

With one of our Surf Strong Training Experts at the completion of your 10 Day Program.

20 Minute training where we'll discuss goals and a custom plan to reach them.

About Your Surf Strong Trainer,
Greg Finch

Over the 15 years Greg has been a trainer a lot of things have changed in the fitness industry. The one thing that has never changed for him is a pure drive and joy to help surfers stay strong and stoked in the water till their last beat.

He is a father, husband, trainer, entrepreneur, and surfer. He is much more enjoyable to be around after a good surf & finds writing in the third person hilarious.

Here’s what people are saying about Greg

Heather Miller

Acupuncturist for the WSL

My Surfing Has Improved On So Many Levels

My surfing has improved on so many different levels working with Greg.

I have developed much more confidence in the water. I feel more comfortable & strong out there. I can paddle longer, pop-up faster, and turn with more power.

Matt Bivens

Want to paddle stronger, turn harder, and just feel overall better? Do the challenge.

Greg is awesome and puts an amazing program together. The app is intuitive and keeps you on track.
You’ll thank yourself after the first week. Just DO IT!

Scott Williams

The personal service was awesome! 

Greg was very knowledgeable and easy to reach. If I ever had a question he was there to help quickly.

Really gave me direction of what to do to get my body feeling better. Some of those aches and pains I would get after a sesh aren't there anymore.

Really stoked to coach you through your surf journey.

It is my mission to keep surfers strong and stoked in the water till their last beat.

It's what I want for you. It's what I want for me.

I strive each day to create, improve, and implement the ways to achieve that for everyone in our Surf Strong Fit Tribe.

I invite you to be a part of that success!