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Hi I'm Greg and I help surfers Surf Strong For Life

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I Surf Now Like I'm Ten Years Younger

Since training with Greg I’ve noticed this huge increase in my core strength, my body consciousness and I just feel better. I Surf Now Like I'm Ten Years Younger. I just feel I can just catch everything and all the little aches and pains that I started noticing creep in in my late thirties and early forties have vanished.

Shane Stoneman
Shaper / Former Pro

My Surfing Has Improved On So Many Levels

My surfing has improved on so many different levels working with Greg. I have developed much more confidence in the water. I feel more comfortable & strong out there. I can paddle longer, pop-up faster, and turn with more power.

Heather Miller
Acupuncturist for WSL
001 – Dr. Mark Kozuki: Physical Therapist to Elite Athletes
Great Recovery Flow
Alignment and Neutrality